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I dont no wot 2 do bout her dad

Since my daughter was born nearly 2 years ago i have done every marry breastfeed weaned her changed her bathed her taught her etc all on my own living alone, however her 'dad' and i were together when she was born cut weve never lived 2gether. When i was pregs he was all im going to quit smokin get a job and house and do half the work. When she was born he was there and did come 2 c us in hospital. Then wen h went home he came up 1ce then i didnt hear from him 4 2 wks and since then hes bin up 1-2 times one week then nothing for a cuple of months and when he does come up he shouts at me about the past before grace was born. Hes never done anything he said or paid anything and it seems like he just uses grace as a way to still c/argue with me as he never even talks 2 her wen hes here. I want to just cut him out of our lives for good as these is no consistancy 4 grace but will this affect her in the long run?


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