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feeling neglected by my unborn baby's father

i feel so neglected and disrespected by my boyfriend that is the father of my unborn baby, since i told him about the pregnancy there is a serious tension, he call me names, shout at me even doesnt care how i feel, the only thing he would say is i hope you dont affect my baby with any of your staff, he is not supportive at all, at times i regret being pregnant cause he is an old man to be acting like he is acting, he is really stressing me, please advice, what should i do or how do i deal with this? i am only 6 weeks pregnant and i already wish i was due tomorrow cause i am no longer happy. i wanted a baby all my life but now i regret falling pregnant. please please advice


  • I am not sure if you are looking at this post anymore.... but if you are there are a number of steps you need to take. Firstly I am sorry you are going through this.

    Your bf from how you have described him here sounds abusive. Abuse has the potential to get worse during the pregnancy. He seems to be demeaning you and from my experience that means it is probably quite consistent and may extend to physical violence. Unfortunately he appears unlikely to take responsibility for his actions/ behaviours and will 9/10 times blame you. If I am wrong I am sorry but it sounds very familiar to me.


    1) Talk to friends/ family or someone at hospital/ GP. You must be aorund 18 weeks now? So talk with your midwife, I recall mine asked me at my booking appt about any prior abuse, emotional, physical or otherwise.

    2) I would really like you to remove yourself from the situation but I appreciate that this is a big, difficult step. Is there anywhere you can go and feel safe, loved, secure for periods of time? Your parents/ close friends?

    I think if you get to talk to a psychologist then they can talk through options with you.

    You WILL NOT affcet YOUR baby with "your stuff"... that is just his way of controlling/ dememaning you. Please try not to pay attention to it.

    Surround yourself with your friends, even if you can't be completely honest with them, it'll help.

    I hope you are feeling better than you were when you posted this. Put yourself and more importantly baby first!

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