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My son is starting school soon and what do i do

heya everyone my name is Louise and i am 24 years old, i have two children one boy and one girl.
James has just turned 4 and Jasmine will be 3 in june. i have been divorced for nearly 3 years so yeh me and my children are very close.
but the thing is James will be going to school in September for the first time and i am worried about him cos i know that he would'nt leave my side and won't stay plus i know that my little girl would cry her eyes out cos her brother has gone to school.
my kids are very close and would'nt leave each other side and where James goes Jasmine goes and how do i get my son to school without my daughter.

Love Louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I am not a single mum- I am gatecrashing (sorry). I have 3 children and my eldest 2 are very close (they are 6 and 4) I had this problem and tbh there is no easy answer.
    Did you not send James to nursery school??
    Is there a friend who could even take him for a few hours here and there to let him get used to being away from you and to get his sister used to being apart from her brother??
    This would help him to gain the confidence that you will return and also let his sister see that she can have all mums attention for the morning.
    If you don't have a friend or relative that could take James for a few hours what about a local church or community group. In my local area there are lots of options some free such as scouts, sunday school and other church based clubs or some which you pay for eg football training, swimming lessons or karate.
    Any of these would give James the chance to meet other kids his own age and get used to being apart.

    Most schools allow p1 pupils to go for shorter days at the start until they settle in and you never know he may love it. Try not to worry about it too much coz if you do the kids will sense this.
  • thanks for reply, i never sent james to nursery cos i was very worried about other people taking care of him. and what my ex - hasband did to us, i have been very over protective of my children and i will get the same feeling and i will get worried about jasmine leaving my side to go school and yeh i know i just been very silly but i guess i just got to get used of my children going to school and i know they will been just fine.

    love Louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • is there a playschool at the school where your son will be going, maybe you could book her to start there and explain that they will both be at school all children aged 3 pluss are entitled to 5 sessions in a play school a week
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