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where do you all live?

hi ive recently found out im expecting and my oh hasnt reacted greatly to say the least and is not sure what he wants to do yet. Ive decided im keeping my baby whether im alone or not. I was wondering where all of you live, as i dont have my own home, and my parents have said they will support any dession i make but they dont want me bringing up a baby in their home. which i completly understand and dont hate them for. I was looking into applying for a concil house as i dnt earn enough to rent or buy. Does anyone know how the points system work, as i cant find much information? where did everyone go when you became a single parent?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give



  • to shopaholic_lea........................ imagephne me on 07776402206 im a single parent stay in my own house 2 bedrooms n got it off the council a knw how to get u a house in 2 to 3 wks max or email me [email protected] a swear tae it take care babz.

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