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Any teen mums?

Hya my name is katy im 17 and got a little girl called ellie shes 3 and half and im expecting again. Would be nice to chat to other young mums x


  • sorry was ment post that on young mums lol
  • heya my name is Louise and i am 24 years old and i have two children. James has just turned 4 and Jasmine will be 3 in june and i am divorced for nearly 3 years now every since he walked out on us and haven't seen him since.

    love Louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi im 17 weeks pregnant and due in oct . babies dad wants nothin to do with and thinks the baby aint his. his loss !!x
  • hi i just turned 20. my son Jack will be 1 next week.
    his "father" is a complete waste of space. decided in september that, because i said he couldnt come round one day because i was at college, hes not Jack's father. he then demanded dna tests and said i had to pay. so goin through csa. he didnt reply to make an appointment for his test so they kept trying to contact him and still no reply so they are going on "presumed parentage"

    i think its hilarious. all he's done is saved himself the price of the tests and got into debt
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