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just become a single pregnant mum 4 the 2nd time :s

hi all...

i doubt any1 else was stupid enough 2 get themselves in this situation but could really do with some advice.

ive gt a 2 year old daughter n when i told her dad i was pregnant he left.ive not seen him since!!! wll i was on my own all the the pregnancy and birth and until my daughter was 18 months old,then i met a really decent guy....or so i thought.

to cut a long story short he told me he had 2 move away from his family because he had trouble with some pppl in that area but it turns out he was banned from that area for stamping on some1s head....and last monday he was sent 2 prison 4 12 now 10 weeks pregnant and dont know what the hell im going to do...xx


  • Oh my days, just read your post! You have not had it easy my friend, but its hugely commenable you have perservered with your pregnancies and I am sure you are a great Mum to your daughter.

    I am in a similar situation, well I am new single Mum with an 8 month old daughter and a son on the way. My husband cheated on me and become very agressive so I left him to only discover I was expecting again.

    If you ever want to chat, feel free to contact me anytime, because I do understand.

    My advice would be the same as I advise myself, Concentrate on the children and give them all the love they derserve and enjoy being a Mum. Also, be hopeful that someone very special is waiting for you somewhere... x
  • hey thanx 4 ur reply. yh im just doin my best n i no i will do the same with the new baby. its just a shame abt the situation lol. does ur daughter see her dad? i dont know whats going to happen wen my new baby comes abt the dad seeing it.
    as for the special sum1? i am off men for life after this 1 lmao x.x
  • Lmao! I know how you are feeling,. Me too actually! Who needs a man anyway when we already have our babies!!

    My daughter doesnt see her Dad at the moment, she did, but he has moved on now and has quickly dropped all his responsibilities. I D I O T. Never expected any of this, but strangely looking forward to the future... over the worst of it... I think/hope. Does he know about the baby? Are you in contact? Letters etc...? x
  • lol i feel exactly the same way abt the future. i know it will be hard work but ive done it once on my own so im sure i can do it again image ur daughters dad reminds me of my daughters dad,he just acts like she doesnt exist. but its his loss because shes amazing? does he offer u any financial support? yeah he knows abt the baby and he wants 2 b involved with the baby when he gets out of prison and if thats what he wants i wont stand in the way because i wouldnt do that to my daughter. but i have made it clear it will b on my terms as i ill be the one bringing her in2 this world on my own.

    how are you coping with the baby whilst being pregnant? im so tired and at the min it takes all my energy to carry on as normal lol. but im sure it will pass. have u got/had morning sicknees? x
  • ohmygoddd..Im am soooo glad to meet people who are in the same situation as me... all my family and friends are really supportive but I sometimes get the impression that they are thinking...didnt you learn the first time?? I have 2 children, a daughter whos almost 14 and a son who's 11 weeks.

    My daughters dad and I parted company when she was 18 months old and Ive bought her up alone since, he played an active part of her life, she's goes to her dads every other weekend and he's always payed CSA (we've never seen eye to eye tho as it was a nasty break up and we have had some pretty explosive arguments over many things such as me changing her name legally to mine as we were not married and it made sense that she be known with my surname). Olivia is a great kid and she's really turning into a lovely young lady (but she can be typical teenager too....). She is a joy to have around as she has a wicked sense of humour.

    I then gave my heart to a man who I thought was "the one" and fell pregnant..... I knew this man all of my life and his parents and mine had been friends since they were all first married, his mam looked after my older sister while my mam was in hospital having me, thats how long we'd all known each other!! He was my childhood was a standing joke about how I used to be his shadow. He's 10 years older than me so I stupidly thought that he was ready to settle down and be a dad ( he has 3 other children who he never see''d have thought alarm bells should have been ringing but I thought "it'll be different with me"..that old classic Anyhow he was very selfish thru-out my pregnancy,he kept walking out on me and I wouldnt hear from him for weeks. He was there for the birth of Thomas and he came with me to register his birth then he had the cheek to be upset because I registered Thomas with my surmane and we've not seen him since...what a GREAT dad!! He's never asked about him in 11 weeks. His mam keeps in touch and I take little Thomas over to see her. Its been really hard work and the sleepless nights have been a nightmare on my own but SOOOOOO worth it. I never asked to be a single parent and NEVER wanted to be 1 but thats the way things have worked out for me. I have 2 great children and for that Im very, very greatfull. Fingers crossed that there are good men out there (even though ive sworn off men for a very looooooong time).
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