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Hi I'm new to this forum

Hi all. I'm 20 yrs old i have an 8month old daughter daisy and im 9 weeks pregnant. Me and my partner split for good 2 weeks ago and hes done nothin but let daisy down since so i've told him not to bother now, i feel so hurt and angry and im worried about being on my own with 2 babies, is anyone else in a similar situation? Any advice would be lovely =)

Sarah x x


  • hi hunny and welcome to the singletons.
    i'm nearly 25 and i split with my ex when our daughter was 11 months. she's now 15 months.
    i gave my ex 3 months of chances, and he too kept letting rhianna down and is really irresponsible, so i have now said he can see her...but it has to be at my house for now and regular or not at all.
    he 1st said he'd rather not see her at all and would take me to court unless i carried on letting him take her. i stood my ground and got a solicitor.
    he didn't see her for 4 weeks and then has only been a couple of times for an hour or 2 since.
    he loves his social life and sleep too much.
    its hard not to feel resentful hun, just rememberyou have got 2 beautiful children from it and its him missing out.
    i always worry that if i stop him from seeing rhianna, she'll hold it against me when she's older, so thats why i still let him see her but on my terms now, and i keep a diary of all the times helets her down and themessages he sends as his excuse. if it carries on i will then say don't bother coming at all, at least then when she's older, i can show her why i stopped it.
    it is hard, but then i look at my gorgeous little girl and our really strong bond, and don't care about the rest.
    good luck hunny and keep your chin up.
    let me know how you get on.
  • Thats a really goo idea, i'll keep a diary from now on, well i told him on fri hes not seein daisy anymore and he hasnt bothered getting in touch over her,im sick of him letting her down, he loves himself and his mates more than his daughter he is a pathetic excuse for a man. Im not letting him cme to any scans for this baby coz he was tryin to convince me 2 have an abortion when he knew i didnt want to, all for selfish reasons might i add! I dnt want it to be for good him not seeing daisy but i just need to make him realise that hes taking her for granted and basically pissing on his responsibilities.
    Thank you for your reply anfd i'l keep you posted, its been since fri now and no phone call,email or text etcx x
  • men are b*stards aren't they!!!!
    darren would go a week or so without asking after rhianna.
    if he never bothers getting in contact...i shouldn't worry...if when your kids are older they start asking questions and he says you said he couldn't see just say if he cared that much he would've and should've done everything he could to see them no matter what you say.
  • Bastards isn't even the word i was thinkin along the lines of c$%nt lol!!
    Well its been over 2 days now and still no phone call or text, shows how much he cares doesn't it?! idiot, hes the one missing out i still have my home daisy and my fetus (lol) what does he have? nothing! im having a rant sorry!

  • no...let it all out hun, lol
    he'll probably be in touch now the weekend is over and socialising has calmed down til next weekend.
    have you arranged maintenance with him or been touch with csa yet?
  • Oh Sarah hun i aintspoke to u in ages but seems like you havent been having a good time. Hope daisy is ok and remember you dont need a man to have a happy family! Ive been a single mum ever since jayden was born and went through my whole pregnancy near enough alone. If you want to chat hun or get anything of your chest add me [email protected] xx
  • hiya my oldest(who 3 now) dad when we split up keep sayin he was goin 2 cum see her n never showed up (because of a gf) in the end i told him if he let her down again he wouldnt see her he said that is gf that hed only been with 4 2weeks was more important and he hasnt seen her since

    i must admit that i have found a new man when she was 10months n he has brought her up n ive just had another little girl so i hope that you do one day and that everythink goes right for u hun but like u said at least u ave your kids thats all the matters

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