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toddler troubles caused by split ... and difficult ex!

Hi all

From the beginning I moved out of our family home with my son when he was 3months old. My relationship with his dad has been on and off since then until 2 months ago when I finally walked away for good after being worn down so many times and convinced it was best for Jack that we stayed together.

I am happy alone and my son is used to just having me at home but the past month he's started clinging to his toy trains and gets hysterical if anyone touches them or moves them. He insists on carrying 3/4 grand everywhere all day long I've tried getting him to play with something else but he won't. His dad and Grandad both have interest in trains and it has been almost pushed on him to play with them which I have tried to stop but i don't know what else to do.

His dad is still holding onto the hope that we will get back together which isn't helping and he refuses to see Jack at set days or times or give me any notice of visits. I've tried going to a solicitor who could only send a letter asking my ex to leave me alone and plan when he will see Jack. It made no difference.

I am really worried about my sons behaviour and know his dad isn't helping but at the moment I can't seem to do anything to change the situation I'm in.

To top it all off I start university in 3 weeks and Jack starts nursery in 2 weeks for the first time.

Can someone please give me any advise on child behaviour or any tips on how to deal with any of the above.

Thank you xx
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