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Anybody split amicably..?

Me and OH have been split for about a month now and its really amicable.

We don't live to gether but its like we're good mates and i like it that way.

Only problem is, we've already decided how to sort financial stuff out as i don't want him paying me maintenance. Feels a bit too... i don't know... mean? We have already decided to split certain costs and that suits me fine.

Would this affect any benifits i would get on top of my wages? I already get working tax credits and child tax credits.



  • Hi there, I have a great relationship with my ex. It's a bloody long olf road, and a lot harder than being nasty but so worth it in the long run...
    I have no financial agreement with my ex, though I did see that there was a website where you could download docs to do an agreement yourself instead of CSA.
    I really don't want to go down the CSA route if I can help it.
    So, I will try and find the website and post it here... seems the solution if you have already agreed on things.
    Well done on remaining amicable. You're little one will reap the benefit...!
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