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I was with my baby's dad for two years and after a year n a half we got engaged! we might have been 18 and young but i thought i loved him and we were meant to spend our lives together! then i got pregnant by accident and it all changed! he turned violent and left! ive had my daughter and i love being a mum! her dad still comes to see her twice a week but i feel so alone and unappriectiated! he dosent realise how hard it is to raise a baby on your own but he sits and moans about how tired he is frm his weeknd out and tlks about the girls hes with! its driving me barmy!
Ive also lost all my friends since havin my daughter no one bothers with me any more! i just feel lonely! anybody else feel the same !?!? xx


  • I know how you feel! My sons dad and I got together and i very quickly fell pregnant. Four months into my preg we split and since then just hasnt bothered! My son is now 14 months and hasnt seen his dad since he was about 6 months old! i get very lonely all the time especially at night once my boy is in bed. x
  • Me and my babies dad split the day after my twenty week scan! And at the time im wasnt bothered! but after 9 months of only havin a babies company i long to have a converstaion with an adult lol! does that sound silly!? I feel the same as u tho when my daughters in bed i find myself sat alone and just thinking! My friends where supportive through my pregnancy but ran a mile when they realised my baby stayed and wasnt being palmed off on relatives and its really shown who my true mates are!! Do you find it hard being a single mum!? xx
  • I completely agree... I even bought myself a bunny for company, so I have some sort of companionship in the evenings without the children... how sad am I? At the same time the bunny has been really sweet, she's really affectionate and will happily lay out on my lap and let me pet her for hours while watching a film... I need a life image

  • Lol a bunny! i love with my parents to but will have to move soon as the babys getting bigger and the house isnt that big! i dred moving out and actually think ill go crazy! how do u spend your nights?!? and have your friends abandoned u too or is that just me!? xxx
  • Hi im the hurts me that most of my friends are no longer in touch,despite me telling them how lonely i feel at times and trying to suggest nights out or just going for a coffee and a cake somewhere they just dont seem to want to know!!!it does make me feel like crap tbh!
    I love my little man and wouldnt change things for anything,me and his dad just were not suited,but everyone needs friends and when you feel like you no longer have any it is horrid!
    If i didnt go out to work part time and have a great relationship with my mum i would see no one day in day out!
  • I completely agree with the lack of friends. Most of my friends live in Canada and since I moved to England 4 years ago we moved around the country so we've only moved into our current house in October and making friends in the winter with three children is really difficult. What I'd love to know is why is it so hard to make friends at play groups? Any of you happen to live in Surrey??? We could have a coffee morning image....

  • Hi i feel lonley sometimes, i used to have a lot of friends but now i have 4 good proper friends, 2 of them are mums themselves although not single ones, apart from one. although i think one of them would be better off alone
    when she tells me what hes been doing etc it makes me sooo glad to be single!!!
    I have friends who i just text, friends on msn and who i ring etc, i see my 4 good friends a few times a month each and speak to them everyday =]
    Im not from surrey im from liverpool,
    were is everybody else from?

    Sarah....mum to daisy 14months and 36+1 with dd no.2
  • Hi, just joined babyexpert to try & get advice on my son's sleeping routine... Thought id have a quick look through other chats too.
    I too feel very lonely & have lost all my friends since having my son. I split with his Dad when i found out i was pregnant & his never seen his son, never contacts me either. I also moved to a diffrent area when i was 6months pregant so have found it hard to make new friends as i cant get out much.
    Would be nice to find other single mums on ere that are in same situation so feel free to msg me
    x x
  • Hi everyone. My son is now 3 and a half years old. When I was 6 months pregant, went for my scan but missed appointment cos was too late. I can home to find my partner having sex with our neighbour on our bed. When our son became 3 months old, I later found out he was sleeping with our babysitter. He was always violent, even stabbed me with a knife ending up with me in hospital. I left him a week later and lived in a hostel all alone with my little boy. It was just me and baby for 2 years. Felt so lonely with no friends and thought life would never get better again, was so jelous when seeing couples together with their baby.

    I started an access to Nursing course in college where I met the most wonderful, caring man ever. He treats me and my little boy so well.
    I finished the course and I'm now at university finishing 2nd year. Engaged to be married in august with a baby on the way.

    I guess what i'm saying is, life doesn't stay the same and you can go from being completly lonely with no hope to being so happy with a bright future. Don't let ex partners get you down. E|verything happens for a reason. Maybe this is the path you were meant to take to lead you to a better future.
  • hello sweetie,
    after reading through your story, i was brought to tears cos finally i could relate with someone experiencing same thing as me which then means, we are not alone in this shit really,

    wipe those tears like i tell myself everytime it rolls down my cheeks especially when he comes once (mostly) weekend to see his baby, he talks about the girls he has had and telling me afterwards its not my business really to ask about it..... i hurt all over and over again

    you know what you will do? make excuses on how you guys wont get to see... i dont know your arrangement with XX but like me, when he looks forward to seeing the boy he never wanted initially, i switch off my phones claiming it was bad network or like i did this past sunday, claimed i was feverish and under the weather....

    so, with this, i will hear less of craps, not to be reminded how this gorgeous looking DEVIL in man form remembering the good times we had, could hurt me so so so badly.... if you get what i mean..

    am damn sooooooooo lonely like you or even worse cos, i have no family near to be with me, all friends have kind a started facing their lives......

    sooooo lonely especially in the nights and in bed alone ...........

    i cant cope atimes but to breakdown crying cos i cant believe its all reall and not dreams afterall,,, that he has gone and being with several women day in, night out.......

    i really dont know how to cope with this except hoping and wishing he will DIE for hurting me sooooooo much after all we have been tru together.

    sory, av not helped you right? :\?

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