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Joining you offical now

I posted on here a few weeks back about all my problems, well I can join in now, I had my little man on the 2nd September@21.59 weighing 7lb my emergency c-sec in the end.

Well I woke up on Wednesday morning with period pains again at 3am and by 5am they were much worse, woke mum up about 6.30 to say I think things had started, so we all got dressed had some breakfast and about 7.30 headed back to my house with all my stuff. Phoned midwifes about 9 said to have a bath which I wanted to do anyway and to try and rest by 10am was having 3 contractions in 10 mins. Then I think waters went not much ata all mainly just a dribble but then think my plug went felt something fall out in toilet but had the trotts so could not see anything, then the next minute had a bit of a bloody show, so rang midwifes back, one of the ladies I knew then came out with a lovely 1st year student midwife who stayed with me then for 12 hours till the end that was at 11am at that point I was already 6-7cm dilated could not believe I was that far gone, so dad started filling up birthing pool, would recommend a pool would suggest the regular one the mini is a bit small but was ok. I had no pain relief as did not really think much to gas and air.

I would say the worst place when having a contraction is lying on your side in bed but had to for examination, it was hell on earth, the toilet was quick good, Got fully dialated by about 4pm but tried then pushing for 4 hours with no push urges at all and ended up straning my stomach muscles as well.
After 4 hours nothing was still happening so I had to be talked into going to hospital, did not want to go because of my problems but deepdown new I had to as I new he was not going to come out, It was a horrible wet night as well and the journey to hospital in the Ambulance was horrendous, so uncomfortable.

Was stuck in a delivery room and had to wait a bloody hour because it was change over time and the doctors were busy, I was in agony by this point, missing the water, they soon decided he was not going to come out and said emergency c-sec had to be done.

Got down to theatre mum not far behind and it happened fairly quickly, eventhough I was scared shitless. The worst bit then was I was having a contraction and they made me somehow keep still as they wanted to put the spinal block in, how I managed not to move god only knows!

They got him out pretty quicky and it was a few minutes before they cleared the muscus away and we heard him cry. Mum looked up and said he was covered in the white vernix stuff but apart from that was quite clean! She then happened to look up again a bit later to see the placenta being removed, she said later than was not nice, I had seen that before on tv, its a bit like liver!!!!!!

It seemed to take forever and an age to sew me back up, it was a weird tugging sensation but it was not uncomfortable, the surgeons were even having a conversation of there own whilst they were doing this.

We stayed in the main hospital that night, I had to be brave especially with my fear but I did it and then transfered to the local mw unit the next day and came home Friday afternoon about 4ish.

BF going ok, got milk now, Luke is pretty good during the day but a little monkey at night, won't settle just loves being with his Mummy, have cheated and he has fallen asleep in bed with me, we are just so knackered and hubby just comes when he feels like it. Said he would stay but only stayed once so far poor mum and dad are staying as they won't leave me.


  • hiya hun, im from sept forum too and read about your post about joining us single mummys. just wanted to say that although im sure everything must seem very overwhelming at this time with your OH and your new arrival but if the high forces (cheesy i know but just came out with it lol) think your strong enough to be able to bring a little baby into this world, you are def strong enough to get through this. I think you should use this time to bond with your little one and forget about everyone else. your strong and will get through this, if you need to cry and shout then go for it, it'll make you feel better but just think the one person that will never leave you or judge you and will love you for ever unconditionally is in your arms now. thats the best love ever, nothing that a marriage/relationship could ever give you xxxxxx
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