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single working mum

hi, just wondered how many of you work and how you manage the childcare?

i work two days a week at the moment and my children go to a day nursery while i'm there but my eldest will start school in sept and i don't know what i'm going to do about work so just wanted to find out how other single mums manage? do you just work while kids are at school (eg 10-2 everyday) or do you work a couple of days and have a childminder or someone? and what do you do in the holidays?

it would be really helpful to hear how you cope, thanks


  • Hi Gemma
    You have repiled to afew of my posts so i just thought i would try and return the favour lol.not that i will be much help,ive decided to work for myself i do private cleaning but only managing a couple days a week so far,really hoping for more as its a struggle at the moment to live!Im really lucky in that my mum lives near by and she will look after my son for me whilst i clean.Once your lo starts school cant you come up with a compromise at work?im sure they may be able to come up with something for you!its a struggle on your own but i also think getting out to work helps but they sure dont make it easy for us single moms to actually go out to work!!!!!sometimes i think i would be better off not bothering but i WANT to work...not much help hope someone else can but good luck! x
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