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fuming about benefit laws!

ive been a single mum since 6 weeks pregnant and so have not returned to work as i thin k i am the best person to be looking after my child, however this apparently isnt what the govornment think and they propose we let other people look after our young children from the age of one whilst we go out to sorry but why can the gov pay a complete stranger to look after our children but not the parents who are obvioulsy the healthier option for the children......and they wonder why kids grow up mixed up and dont respect theyre peers......when they are raised by strangers............not intending to insult people who do have childminders, i just feel in my opinion that i didnt have kids so some uni grad can look after them and feel its the new punishment for single parent families.......................angry!


  • Hi i totally agree with you!why should we be almost forced to go out to work so someone else can be paid to look after our los!!In all truthfullness i would rather work BUT it makes more sense to me not to,im better off moneywise as a single parent to not work than i would be to go out to work!now were is the sense in that?????
    Annoys the hell out of me the way the whole system works!
    Just to add to something marnb said,i think it doesnt really matter who looks after your child whilst you are at work,if you teach them the correct boundaries at home ect then they will hopefully grow up with some!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeh, They do because you're at work and not at home with lo unless he/she comes with ya!

    There are so many rules you need a rule dictionary
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