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What's your birth story? Let us know!

Hiya i know there is a lot of topics about birth stories but thought i might make a new one.

I had pre - eclampsia from 32 weeks with my first baby. Had to be admitted to hospital after then and was in for 4 weeks. When it came to 36 weeks, i was induced at 9am 23rd sept 2006 and started contracting half an hour later. They said i was already half a centimetre dilated by myself. I slept fdor the night and had my waters broken at 9am 24th sept 2006. I had an epidural because of the babys health and she was eventually delivered by forceps at 6:34pm 24th sept 2006. then she wouldnt feed so she was admitted to special care at 4 days old and was taken to leicester royal infirmary at 5 days old. she never came home until she was nearly 2 weeks old. she is now 2 and a little terror.

I had a straightforward pregnancy with my 2nd. i had the odd high blood pressure and was worried about my previous pre - eclampsia returning. at 35 weeks, i was told my daughter had cystic fibrosis. i got to 38 weeks and did not feel my baby move so went into labour ward and told them about it and they put me onto the heart monitor and noticed that her heart beat was beating a bit funny so i went in for general anaestetic and had my baby through c section and woke up to find my baby was in special care. she never had cystic fibrosis and is a healthy 8 month old now apart from having asthma. iv had two difficult pregnancies, whats your birth stories?


  • Hi, wel my pregnancy was really straightforward. but the birth is another story!

    I had Maddie 7 months ago September 26th 2008.

    I was 10 days late on the 25th and induced in hospital with gel twice before contractions began at 7 or 8pm on the 25th.

    I Tried the bath, shower, walking around... but was so exhausted i ended up lying on the bed for most of it! It was great having my mum there for support but she wasn't ver able with the physical stuff!
    Then had pethidine and that let me sleep for an hour or so..... woke up and had a show, then had an epidural as i was only 4cm dilated and pethidine was wearing off! But of course the epidural wasn't working too well and baby's heartrate was erratic and her oxygen was way too low, so i was prepped and rushed off to teheatre for an emergency caesarean (8.30am 26th)!

    Since the pirural and top-ups didn't work effectively i had to have a general and woke up 2 1/2 hours after maddie was born at 8.55am...... i was totally disappointed in my birth experience in that i was completely drugged up and cant remember anything about ehr first day, don't remember naming her or holding her or feeding her, but lucky my mum took plenty of photos and a bit of film. I met her an hour after all of my friends and relatives knew about her and had seen photos, because a cousin had put photos and info straight onto facebook before i had even had a chance to name her myself..... pretty hectic but in the end I was extremely lucky that maddie was perfectly healthy - and a blissful sleeper from day three.

    She's now 7 months old and not such a fantastic sleeper (teething!) but still a very happy girl!!

    If/when i have future babies i plan on a VBAC!!!!
  • hi omg, we both have different birth stories, my oldest is now a typical 2 year old (temper tantrums). shes gorgeous tho. my 9 month old is teething her 5th or 6th tooth. i wud love to meet up wherever u live one day.

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