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more babies??

just wondered if any of you fellow single mummies get broody for another child?
i am SO broody right now and it's really getting me down, I just so, so want to have more children, people say to me all the time " oh you're so young (I'm 25) you'll meet someone eventually and have more" but what if i don't meet anyone? and if i do, how far away is that going to be?!
i just really want to be pregnant now. i'm feeling worse today as we had a visit at work from an ex-worker with her 4wk old who is so small and so gorgeous and when she was breastfeeding him, i had to walk away coz i was just so jealous, my eyes actually filled up!!
i feel pathetic for feeling this way and i love my boys more than anything, they are my whole world but will this feeling ever go away? :cry:


  • Dont usually post on this forum but I am a single mum of dd whos 4. I am 40 and desperately want another baby before its too late,so I'am ttc with do it yourself donor artificial insemination.
    Might be worth considering?
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