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Not been on this site for some time but though it might be a good place to get some support and words of wisdom!

I have finally found the courage to say that my relationship with my husband is not working and tht I want to leave, this has not been easy not least because of our 21 month old daughter but we have a business together aswell.
We have been together for 10 years and married for 4 of those, I should have really left just after we got married as I found out he cheated on me a couple of weeks after our wedding, this is the only time I know f but there could of course be more.

When I was 6 months preganant we lost a close friend who was also our business partner and this put a huge strain on us as it meant I would not have maternity leave and in actual fact returned to work after 3 weeks even though I had a c section.
Any way long story short I had PND, hubby was depressed due to loosing best friend, the trust had already gone and he nags me for not putting enough time into work and I nag him for not helping with our daughter.
We have agreed to carry on the business as neither of us can afford not to.

The worst thing is we are living in the same rented house until my house purchase goes through, hopefully 8 weeks time, as I cannot afford the rent on my own, so things are really strange and I feel in limbo.

I am also getting scared about being on my own even though I have an amazing family who are really supportive, my husband keeps telling me that I wont cope and will be lonely, he has a way of making me feel usless (another reason I want to leave)

Any words of sdvise to keep me going?


  • Hello

    I really feel your pain reading this...

    I am in a similar situation... well a tiny bit similar(!!) myself. Making the decision alone takes a lot of courage... and if you're 100% sure this is what you want, I think you'll be fine.

    How does he feel? Is he pleading for you to stay...?

    My daughter and I left my husband just over a month ago... luckily we have no financial ties... which takes the pressure off.

    Keeping your business is a strong decision to make. I hope he plays fair and amicably.

    My advice would be focus on your future and when it all gets too much, come on here and chat... always helps!

    Good luck
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