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Hi ladies

I have just become a simgle mum after very recently splitting with my little boy's father.

We have split due to various issues with his family. He has now told me he is going to take my son on holiday with his father and sister. He has said I have no say in the matter and if I want to stop him I will have to contact a solicitor.

Does anyone no what the law is regarding this?

My little boy will be 14 months when they intend to go away and I really don't think I want him away from me for that long at what still seems to me a very young age.

The holiday would be for a week in the UK.

Many thanks for any help you can give.



  • My little boy is nearly 18 months and my ex has been trying with the courts to get access since he was born to take him to his flat for 6 hours each week. The judge will not allow it, I dont think they consider being away from you for more than a few hours, at the moment I take him to an activity centre for him to see him each week. Phone cab they will tell you a solicitor in your area than can give you 30 mins free advice. I am pretty sure as your son is younger than mine, you can stop him from taking him away for a week, that is a very young age to be away from his mum even if its in the uk. I think things change a bit when they are over 2.
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