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Things have changed

Well things have changed since I was last on this forum I was an over the moon mummy having her third baby and now I am a single mum of 3 :cry: . I wanted a big family and were financially stable enough to have a third and now the kid's dad has left me we are a wreck and I can barely afford to keep my children. This isn't fair I didn't choose this and it makes me so angry :x .


  • oh honey i am so sorry to hear this x
  • Hey I am also a newly single mum to 2 beautiful girls <3

    I never thought when i fell pregnant that i would be here in this situation image

    The girls father just said oneday that he didn't feel the same anymore..... how could he do this to us image

    And so many ppl say how are you and its getting harder everyday to smile and say good thanx.

    So over feeling like this :?
  • I know it's difficult to be in both your situation. But I hope both of you are feeling better now. And hope you would find the perfect partner that will stay with you and your children. image


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