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Newly Single Mum :/

Hey everybody, i am a newly single mum and am finding it really hard emotionally to cope.

I am still very much in love with him and that is what makes it so damn hard.

I have 2 beautiful girls Gabrielle 3 1/2 and Anabelle 4 months.

When pregnant with Anabelle he decided to tell me he didnt feel the same anymore.....why would he do this?

i am left heartbroken and confused. i moved out because it just hurt so mych and am now living 2 1/2 hours away from him, he still sees the girls and never misses a child support payment and says maybe things will work out.

What should i do, i cant lie and say i hate him although i hate what he has put us through image I would take him back in a heartbeat, but what should i do? and can anybody relate to my situation? :?


  • hi mumma meisy i didnt want to read and run as your message came up on the feed, i am g/c though from due in august forum. Am expecting my first baby so not a mum yet but wanted to say how sorry i am for you that you are having such an awful time only 4 months after your second daughter was born. This must have been a shock for you as im sure you didnt plan to go into being a parent for the second time only to be doing things on your own such a short time later image I obviously can't really relate to how you feel but ive had lots of problems with my OH in pregnancy and i do worry i will end up a single mummy. Its a frightening thought but i recongise when it happens it must be devastating and you've obviously made some difficult decisions to be good to your girls at an uncertain time for all of you.

    You don't deserve what's happening at all and your children's dad sounds very selfish. Has he discussed why he feels so badly that he has to turn yours, and your two daughter's lives upside down? everybody feels sad/frustrated/angry in relationships sometimes but he needs to behave like a grown up, not run away, and to discuss these things with you properly. Its not fair of him just to leave you hanging that maybe things will work out. He seems to have all the power leaving you helpless and uncertain about the future. How can his feelings change so quickly, after wanting to have a family with you? I know it sounds awful but has he told you he's met someone else? There's no excuse if he has but there's something pretty huge that hasnt been said and you cant begin to come to terms with events if you dont understand them, or if you dont know where you stand.

    He seems very sure of himself that he holds all the cards and that he can do this for however long he wants, only to make it up with you if he feels like it. I know it sounds harsh (and i understand you love him and want things back to normal) but unless you let him know his behaviour is unacceptable, you won't take things lying down, and you need the truth he could just continue to make you feel terrible. :roll:

    I hope you have good support, did you move 2.5 miles away to be with your mum/family member? Hope someone is helping you. You're a fantastic mummy who is putting your children first and doing your best by them and don't forget that. x
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