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where would I stand?

Hii, I posted the other week about my sons father not giving me his address & still wanting to take my son there - which I said no to. He went to his solicitor & so did. Yesterday my sons nan picked him up & told me they were going to her moms and tht she had just dropped my sons dad there - turns out this was all a lie and has been for ages. So I had ago at them & told them not to bother anymore, surely as my sons main parent they should tell me where their taking him at all times & if say I don't want him going anywhere they should respect that? My lbs dad is now continuing with the solicitor & taking me to court. Obviously being a mom I want to know where my lb is at all times & finding out they had been lying really annoyed me. Advice anyone?x


  • I would have thought that  you have a right to know his address  because you need to know where your son is incase of emergency. He should relaise how worried you must be about it!!  what's his reason for not telling you? try citizens advice x

  • He has no reason, just says I don't need to know. I've been citizens advice & solicitors who have both said I need his address but he claims his solicitor has said I don't need it x
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