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Thanks for ignoring my last post

Looks like there is no where to talk about my sort of situation. Just a saying for you all to bear in mind if you know anyone struggling. Suicide isn't chosen it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping.


  • If your talking about something you posted on the 6th well it doesn't show up, I'm sure whatever it was somebody would have tried to help.

  • Who's suicidal?? If its you a strongly suggest you visit your GP as soon as possible.
  • Ha I already did lots of times no one listens or cares. I'm done will not be posting here again.
  • You should request a referral to your local mental health provider for some therapeutic work, ask for DBT or CBT. If this is an ongoing issue then you could really benefit from this x
  • You can to phone your gp, local health authority, samaritians. They can listen and offer some advice.
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