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Time for me please! Am i being selfish?

Hello my LO is 8 months and i currently work 3 days a werk but i still feel like i never get to do any thing thats my kind of pre pregnancy fun! My daughter wasnt planned and i feel like i am being selfish by not doing more my sort of things i feel really bad dont know what to do x


  • Dont feel bad, you need to make time to be yourself, outside of work and outside of being a mammy!! get a babysitter, let your hair down, go out with a few mates for some drinks, you deserve it! x

  • Hi Jade,

    Hannah is right.  Yes you are a mum but you are also still a woman too.  We are all allowed to ask friends/family for help and support once in a while.  Find someone you trust to look after your LO and grab some time for you (a soak in the bath, a night with the girls, dating)

  • Hannah right you need you time if not you will get stressed i work two days a week my job isn't exactly relaxing either but i am lucky to have support famliy network who will look after him if i need break . No your not being selfish sad to day my me time theses are going out of tea with friends sad say it makes my day never thought I would say that x
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