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1st pregnancy, single and confused

I'm 6 weeks and the father is in living in Australia and doesn't want the baby. I'm 27 and this is my first pregnancy and my family don't think I will be able to manage alone financially or emotionally. I'm not so sure either. Am I doing the right thing? How will i really cope? Will I have enough money? What will i do? Where will I live? Are there any other girlies out there thatare in a similar position to me that I can talk to through this? Advice from anyone would be welcome. I've never had any big responsibilites and before I got pregnant I was thinking about going back to college and getting myself together and doing something with my life, now I'm in this situation and just don't know what the right thing is. I want my child to have everything it needs, can I really give all that?



  • Hello Hun you can do it I know a lot of people who have my cousin had twins and the baby father died  not  long after and she has done great   A lot of my friends have been single Parents and been amazing maybey he will come round after the scan and he knows it reality I have  noticed that us women become attached straight away we have that bond ,men are more when they see scans as my partner gets excited at scans maybey he needs to see the baby do you work you could get a job land privately rent or a council house and help with the  familys are allWays Like that but once they go scans it changes  it's how you feel do you want this baby xx

  • hey image yeah i work but i still dont think i could afford to rent privately, there just wouldnt be enough money, plus after the baby is here i couldnt continue working as i dont think my family would be that involved, they would help but not all the time, so i maybe my only option is to get a council place but i dont know if i want to do that, argh i just dont know! i feel like i want the baby i just dont see how im going to manage at all and then if i cant then its too late. this decision is too huge to make. i honestly dont know if the father would change his opinion that much, hes very strong headed and stubborn and doesnt think im doing the right thing, i want this baby to have a father image xx

  • Well if you haven't got a home and pregnant you will be top priority you could pay for a council house it's very cheap   No when the baby gets older you could work my cousin who losther partner works and has twins it dose work out  I know if my partner leFt me I would keep the baby because it's a little person you know the heart is beating now at 6 weeks  in a few weeks it has legs  arms moving  my sister was a college for nursing to go to university and she got pregnant  buthaws a shock and she is going back to finish off when he is a little bit older it can be done hun a baby is a big responsibility  but that little baby will look after you in years to come  it will keep you on your feet and people say it's like you never know Love uyou'll you meet the little one if you keep the baby he has no. Choice he might see the baby or scans and think that's my child when the baby comes it don't need the dad or your family it needs you but it's 100% your choice no one else's  do what you thinks right xx

  • Hi RainbowK, it's not an easy choice to make but if you are debating whether to terminate the pregnancy now is the time (it will get harder the further into pregnancy you go).  It is not the 'easy way out' & will also have it's costs (physical & mental).

    There are options/support out there for single mums, talk to your local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) for info on setting up home for you & baby, working during & after pregnancy, childcare, benefits & support groups.

    Your life will change as a parent, I'd be lying if I said otherwise, but you decide whether it is for better or worse.  Best wishes

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