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Ex is still refusing to provide for our son

hi all,

I wrote a thread back in july about my sons father not providing for him, now in November hes very rarely giving me any money for his son, he now owes over £300 in maintenance & only bothers with my son when it suits him & his girlfriend. he chooses to work over seeing his son - which in some respect I can understand if he was to give me the money he owes but he doesn't, I asked for the money yesterday & I was told he had rent to pay so he doesn't have any for me. our son should come before anything and anyone, yet in his case, our son comes last. None of his family bothers with our son, his mother - my sons grandmother couldn't give a s*** about our son, she never texts and hardly ever sees him. what would some of you do in my position,, Ive been to csa but as my sons dad works cash in hand they cant trace the work he does, they've sent him forms to fill out & rang him but had no response from him. he has no impact on my son & does nothing for him and certainly doesn't provide for him, would I be in the wrong to stop contact?





  • i feel your pain!! ive 3 girls from my first marriage. all was good until he moved in with his gf and her 4 children then he stopped paying after 5 months of false promises i took him to the csa that was in june and ive still not had anything im ment to have my first payment next month!!!!!!!!!!

    unfortunatly i dont think you can stop contact as if he went to court the chances are he would gain accsess 

    id like to say though not a day goes by when i wish i could stop contact and its not just because of the money.

    we have many problems such as 4 children sharing a bunk bed and many many many other problems.


  • It took me 10months to get my first maintancie money out of my son dad the only reasonable coughed up is cause i called csa i never stoped him seeing his son while he weren't paying even do i did feel like it but will never use his son as weapon wish i could offer you advice i would try call him again to sit down to talk about i understand if you can't i found really hard when i first spilt from my ex as due sitation we splilt xx i really do hope he gives you money soon x
  • Using the alternative dispute reslotion service through the courts could be a stating point, as far as i am aware this process can be commenced via the phone to help a mutual resolution be reached. I have not had first hand experience although understand it is very effective

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