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Single Parent Houseshare West London/ Subs

Hello all,

Hope you are all well,

I am looking for other single parents interested in a house share in West London/ the greater west London suburbs. [currently based in Ealing area]

I have researched quite a bit into this, and have most only found very positive benefits for this type of living, for both the children and adults involved. The idea of sharing the financial responsibility for a home; being able to afford and provide something much nicer than I otherwise would, I think is most appealing, but also having other children my daughter can play with at home and the company of another adult is very appealing too!

For me personally, I would love to live in an area with good green spaces for the kids, close to good schools and nurseries with good public transport. Living in a house with a garden would be a dream I could not otherwise afford on my own for the foreseeable, let alone in a good area for my daughter. My ideal would be to create a happy and positive {all be it unconventional!} family home.

In all honesty, my situation is not great at the moment, although I am determined to make a positive happy and healthy life for my children and myself.
I have a wonderful 2.5 year old daughter, and am currently 3 months pregnant and of course single -- a situation I had never could of imagined would happen to me, and is quite difficult to get my head around at times, yet I know that I am not the first woman in history to experience this {or worse} and unfortunately will not be the last, so I just have to do my best, if they can get through it then so can I

I am currently on a planned career break in full time Uni {home-based via the OU}, I work part time as a freelance writer, but am now largely reliant on benefits to survive whilst I complete my degree and during my pregnancy. I would be looking to return to full time work when my baby is 6 months and reduce my study to part time. -- This is a plan I had made with my ex, and if possible I would like to stick to this and try to make this work, I think in a house share would be the only financially viable way I could afford this, providing other people I shared with wouldn't mind me temporarily claiming housing benefit for my share. I am staying with my mother at the moment, but she is looking to move and it is not an ideal or viable space for us right now.

Generally I am quite quiet and tend to be quite busy especially in the evenings with Uni, other than that I'm tidy, {a skill my daughter is yet to learn!} I love to cook, being outdoors, am a little creative and quite open minded/ accepting/ easy going, so I get along with most people, and kids! I think the most important thing for me is to live with people who have a positive and happy outlook on life or at least would like to create that environment for themselves.

If anybody is interested, please do reply or message me. Ideally I would like to move within a few months [around February]. 

Thanks for reading,
much love
Sarah x


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