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I am 32 and preg and my hubby left me yesterday as we are very -very different .I am not working too which leaves me sad ans depressed now,What should I do ?


  • Hi babe hope you are ok is your husband going to be there for the baby?? I know it doesn't seem like it now but you will be ok stay strong for yourself and bubba I'm always here if you need a chat xxxx Kerry xx
  • ok 

    call housing council you get a reduction in council tax and also help with rent if you rent if you own a home talk to him about mortgage.

    go to a website called gingerbread they have loads of advice.

    also worth contacting job center as they deal with income support.

    then once that is done sit down have a good cry!!!!!!

    you will be fine i was on my own with a 8 week old a 3 year old and a six year old and trust me it can be done and you will be fine.

    do you have any good friends to lean on?????

    you are welcome to pm me if you want a moan xx

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