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trouble with my sons father.....

Can any body help??.... my ex is very good father to our son and has never let him down but he constantly sends me messages telling me how im a bad mum and i don't care about our son and that he should go and live with him as he is the better parent. The messages i get is constant. Its starting to affect my emotional state of mind and i don't know where to turn. I know should ignore them but its getting too much.


  • Oh dear, how tricky for you!

    This would be my approach: next time you see him, tell him if he wants to discuss parenting with you, and your skills as a parent he must do it respectfully and in person. Remind him that even though you're not together you are still raising your son as a team and need to be polite and considerate of one another so that you put forward a good example to your son.

    In my opinion it is extremely inappropriate for him to be sending discouraging messages to you at all, and you are well within your rights to calmly and simply tell him you won't be reading them anymore but you're happy to talk face to face if he can be civil. 

    those are my thoughts xx

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