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Sibling jealousy!

I am a single mum to 4, with one on the way. My children are 4, 3 and the twins are 11 months. I am single, so i find it difficult to spend quality time with my children 1 on 1, especially having young twins and carrying! Although i do try my best. My eldest son Mason, doesnt even want to know this new baby, he was very excited for all his brothers but says things like 'tell the new baby to go away' and 'dont let the baby out', i dont know if he may be jealous of me having a new baby, especially because he finds it really difficult not having his dad around anymore, or shall i be looking further into it? I havent ever heard anyone mention anything about their children saying things like this about siblings before and i want to know im not alone???? thanks x Ellie x

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