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New born staying over


im 33 weeks pregnant when I was 17 weeks I found out my partner had cheated on me 3 x one night stands in the time I'd been pregnant, obvioualy we are no longer together. He hasn't been very support through the pregnancy and hasn't put his hand in his pocket for any of the essentials ive had to buy everything myself. We had a conversation where I said I didn't want her staying over on nights straight away with him, I'm not stopping him from seeing the baby I said he can see her as much as he wants and even said if he wanted he could stay over with us and sleep in the spare room. But he just kicked off with me said he had rights and that I would just have to get I over it and she will be staying out, am I being unreasonable, can he take me to court and make me let her stay over nights with him? It's really stressing me out he hasn't been there at all and I feel like as soon as she is born him and his family are going to swan in and try and take control. I only said this for the first few months it's not like I've said she can never stay over 


  • Laurak1991, sounds like you have a real asshole right there....he cannot take you to court for that!!! You are the child's MOTHER and i don't think the men of today understand the ENORMOUS meaning and authority of the title "mother". you are actually being too nice by offering him a chance to stay over to see the baby more.He had a chance to stay faithful to you AND the baby by keeping the family together and keeping his d*ck in his pants for only one woman, YOU...which he hasn't! So if you ask me, his chance of being treated "fairly" has come and gone. If i were you, i would tell him that he can see his child by all means....during the day! The baby will NOT be sleeping out or away from you until YOU decide that he/she is old enough to do so and IF he wants to make a bigger asshole of himself, he can take you to court and let the judge tell him that he will just have to wait until the baby is older. A good mother will always have the upper hand in a court especially when an asshole MALE is trying to come inbetween any type of bond between the Mother and child. Good luck. May you find a better, SMARTER man who will kick this so called "man's" ass! Keep your head up hunny

  • You're being a lot more accommodating than I would be in this situation. I wouldn't want my newborn staying away from me either and he needs to understand that. What do your family say on the matter? Remember, he has rights to see the child as the father but his family don't so don't let them push you around and take over. 

    Good luck.

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