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Has anyone every moved away?

i'm a single mum to one with one on the way. The split from the father is recent but permanent. He's a bulily and I need To get away. There's too many bad memories where i live and i want to move and start again. Has anyone else ever done this as a single parent and how did you manage and make friends??


  • Yes and it's the hardest thing I ever did! 5 years ago I moved 200 miles away to be with someone with my 2 now teen girls! I had a baby last year with him and now it's ended between us! I never really made anyone who I can call a friend! I miss my family and friends every day but my children are settled now and would be wrong to move them again! Honestly think realky hard about moving away! It's a big decision you may later regret! 

    I hope things turn out ok for you


  • I moved last October to a new city after 11 years in the same place - it was where my girls were born and I'd built a life with my ex husband. I lived on my own in the same city for a year and enjoyed my single life, I have some amazing friends and I loved being independent after years of being in an unhappy marriage. I met my new partner early last year and we did the commuting relationship, for a few months before we decided that we wanted to live together. It was a hard decision as I really love my friends and I had a good job which I'd leave behind but financially because he owned this house and I rented it would make much more sense plus I like you had memories of the city where I'd lived for so long with my ex. It was a tough move as things didn't work out straight forward getting my girls into new schools here straight away so the new job which I had taken I had to give up because of being at home for them was more necessary while my partner worked. We argued a lot about money and I missed my friends so much I felt lonely. But earlier this year things turned themselves around my girls got into a fantastic school and settled well-- and I got a job there too which meant not only was I making new colleagues but financially things were better for us. We have merged our lives some how and are in the best place we have been for a long time..I'm starting to feel like this is home and despite still missing my friends I see them and speak to them when we can & it's not so bad. Our new baby will be arriving soon and I know that this will help me more to settle as you always meet people at baby groups etc - most of my friends I left behind I met because I had my girls.

    I hope you can make the right decision for you and it all works out. 

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