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Should the Grandparents know?

Hi everyone. Im 5 weeks pregnant and without going into to much detail the father has said he wants nothing to do with it. My question is, do u believe the grandparents, aunty, and this babies half sister should know? Do u think they hv the right to know even though he doean't want to be involved? Just giving it some deep thoughts right now, I know its still early days. Thanks Guys xx


  • I would say yes but don't rush into it.  And talk to your ex about it if you can.  No hurry its early days 

  • i believe it's his choice to tell his parents. I'm bringing up my 9 month old alone as his father didn't want to know. He'll regret his decision when your baby's here and theu see what they are missing out on. Don't tell them yourself as it could make the situation escalate and for now you need to make sure you're okay and he baby is xxx

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