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Bit sad ☹️

My boyfriend doesn't want me anymore and we have an 8 month old boy and I have an older boy from previous relationship.

My hormones have been up and down since pregnancy and have struggled with a bit of depression which came to a head a month ago and he was very supportive and promised he would see me through it but decided my moods were too much and although he loves our kids he can't stand to be in the house so m to his sisters down the road! 

I am devestated as he left when I needed him the most .... our youngest has always slept bad and never napped but this week he has been sleeping really well and feels very calm here! 

I get anxious and panic that I'm here by myself and didn't wait all this time to have another baby by myself 😔

Anyone else in my boat??


  • I have 1 child from 1 relationship, he left me the day we found out I was pregnant (for another girl I might add), I’m 18& have always been the one in the relationship to work and sort things but now I’m completely alone, I live with my mum but I don’t expect her help although she is helpful. It’s a lot different when the father isn’t there though, sometimes boys/ men don’t mature and are extremely selfish 
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