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Wanting to double barrel my childs surname

Hi all,

I'm in need of some advice. I have a beautiful 2 and half year old, he carries my ex's surname. At the time of his birth we were happy and named him his dad is on the birth certificate the agreement was I would one day have the same name as him so he took his dad's name. Six months later we split up, I have been asking to double barrel his last name so I just add mine in but he is still refusing to budge. 

I know I can go through the courts to get this done I'm just wondering how likely it is to happen? and if i'm likely to get it changed or if it really isn't worth it?

I hate not having the same name as my baby it's horrible, it may sound silly but when you know there is no chance of ever having the same name it's awful. 

any advice would be appreciated or if anyone has experienced this please share x


  • You can pay for a change under deed poll but I believe that the original birth certificate still remains in place in the background. 

    You can also advise on application for nursery/school of 'name you wish to be known by' alongside 'name on birth certificate' (so if birth certificate reads his name is Samson Jones you can put down that you wish for them to call him Sammy Smith...)

    All else sadly is a court proceedings as it requires change of the legal document & needs both signatures to agree to it

  • I can't go through Deedpoll as he isn't giving his consent. 

    I'm happy to go to court, I just don't just to basically be laughed and told to do one by the judge...if you get me?

    So when if he joins schools or clubs I can put both surnames down?

  • Yes, you can ask school/nursery/clubs to call him whatever name you want 

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