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Single DAD please help

Hi there im new here. Guys il be honest im stuck. i got left with my 2 kids. the mum left me for a richer man basicly .

I have always been the worker at home and slowing down the work life and being full time dad is taking its toll ... i feel so lonley and drained .. the kids miss there mum like mad. they mean everything 2 me and i dont know what to tell them . i didnt think it would be this hard i rely didnt .. please can someone give me advice .. i just feel so empty inside. 11 yrs with this woman im only 27 now.

thanks guys


  • Being a single parent is hard, and some days you do just feel like giving up, but keep pushing through. If they ask where mum is, be as honest as you can without making it sound bitter (that may sound harsh, sorry if it does - it's not meant to!). My mum told me when I was pregnant that being a parent was hard work and I said to her, 'I know it is...but I don't think I'll appreciate just how hard until she's here.' and that was exactly right. Keep pushing through and do the best for your children, that's all anyone can ask. You're doing good daddy!!

  • Being a single parent has its ups and it’s downs, but you’re doing well. Depending on their age you tell them the truth. Still read to them and tell them you love them everyday, do your best for them as you have been doing and continue to do. You’re doing really well, and just remember there’s always someone to talk to 😘
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