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Doing it alone

Hi I'm 10 wks with my first baby. I'm almost 33 years old and have tried for many years to concieve. Relationship broke up and I feel pregnant on a one night stand.  Farther wants nothing to do with baby. I'm so worried about doing this alone. I have no family (they've all past) I have very few friends mostly males (moved around alot due to being an army wife) no partner. I'm so worried I can't do this lone. I'm going to have to give birth alone. I won't have a sitter ever. I'm so afraid. And won't ever be able to meet anyone in the future as il have no one to have my baby for me. I just wonder how I will cope alone with no support. How il cope through labour. I love this baby already but I'm terrified iv suffered depression for years and I'm scared they will take my baby away as I have no help at all. 


  • I went through my pregnancy alone too, my daughters father was horrible! I was 17, he was 18. We’re now 18&19. We have no contact, he refuses to acknowledge that he has a daughter, eventually you will have to work etc and you will eventually be able to pay for a babysitter say 1 Saturday a month? You need you time aswell, even if it’s just a bath or a nap! make time for you. It’s not as bad when it seems, and remain calm to avoid a stressed baby, message me if you need anything 😘
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