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Advice on relationship what is best to do


I've been with my partner for 5 years, we split up after being together for 1 and a half years for 5 months, got back together and fell pregnant when we were 21. We both lived at home. Fast forward 3 years we now have our 2 and a half year old son, due to get married in June and have a house together. 

My question is I don't know if I'm doing the right thing...since our son has been born he's done quite a lot of hurtful things to me, caught him speaking to another girl, caught him making lies up about me, speaks to me with disrespect in front of people, gets angry very quickly. Chooses football over us all the time every time. He seems only interested in that. He is a good dad don't get me wrong he loves our son and our son adores him but when I'm at work my partner has ample opportunity to do things with him but instead he sits indoors with him all day. His family are very very difficult over bearing people to deal with, last year things got pretty terrible and he didn't really do much about it. His mother controls every aspect of his life and he seems happy to do so. From time to time my partner can be everything I want him to be but more often than not he is treating me like this..I just want to know if leaving is the best thing or not. I do love him I have no doubt, which makes it even harder and of course for our son it would kill me to see him apart from his dad, but am I being a mug putting up with this behaviour? He is immature, always has been but he is now 25 and just seems to be much the same as when we met. Thanks for any responses. 

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