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Trouble with landlord...

Hello ladies, I'm after a bit of advise...

ive been renting my property for six years and get housing benefit for myself and my two young boys..

within the last year the landlord has given me 3 section 21's for notice of evictio because he wants to put my rent up by £165 (which I cannot afford and I can't get any more help from the council as I am getting the maximum for what I earn at work.) but doesn't want to pay to take it it court. 

I cant afford to rent another private property as it costs more than what I am paying now and the council won't help me unless the bailiffs come to the house.

over the past year, the landlord has become rude to me whilst I walk my eldest to school.

and just today, I spotted him looking into my front garden and then proceeded to look through my recycling bin and took something out. I would have gone out to ask him what he was doing, but I was so shocked and was holding my youngest trying to get him to sleep.

can he do that? I'm not sure if it is illegal or not... but it has really put me on edge

please please please... any help would be greatly appreciated 


  • What did he take out of the recycle bin at the end? I know he is the landlord but still he can´t bully you. Maybe you should file a report on him to the police, for abusing. Since you have kids, your case should be even more carefully reviewed. Try to seek some legal help. Maybe that will calm him down, after all they are all afraid of the police.

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