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Horrible dad

My ex partner and father of my 18m baby is sex addict who lives very risky life bringing prostitutes and casual women home, going to prostitutes, watching tones of porno, now he is 2 weeks in Thailand and doesn't answer any call, he doesn't want to see her on video call. I think he is an emotional and health hazard. Can I somehow limit his presence in our life? I asked him to go to mediator and he refused.

If I go to court, will they take into consideration his life style or since I cannot prove much it will not help?

I have in my possession videos of him cheating on me during our relationship which he recorded without consent and it is clear he never uses condoms. 


  • Wow. Well first thing I would do is taking all the tests for VD´s. Obviously your ex partner needs professional help because this is not normal behavior. Men can be also nymphomaniacs, like women. If he continues like that your child won´t have much long his dad, because he will get aids sooner or later. If you put him to court, it could be a wake up call for him and exposing his behavior in public will make a change. He will hate you of course, but the people around you will put pressure on him to dedicate more time to your child. He has to be exposed otherwise he will continue as he was doing, ignoring you both.

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