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Please can someone help me without judging. This is a while ago so im really unsure who my child's father is. I was seeing someone late november 2013 around 15th and my cousin claimed to of slept with him early december (which 4 years later comes out it eas a lie) it hurt me so bad i didnt want to listen to anymore, so i got revenge I know i shouldnt of and slept with someone just after in early December. snd found out january i was pregnant due 20 august. So after being hurt i claimed it was the most recent and my family never knew about the previous partner. But the father i said has never bothered with my child since birth keeps coming and going saying he has no time.

Now i have a message of my previous partner demanding a DNA which is fine, we both met and spoke and have thought it through about it deep down and i was afraid to admit to anyone i had two potential fathers for my child. I'm really unsure I shouldn't of left it so long but i tried erasing it from my mind. 

What do i do in the mean time? my family aint understandable at all and are very stict and going to be disappointed i kept it quiet for almost 4 years as when i was having scans i was measuring two weeks ahead and they couldn't understand why when i told them i only slept with one person. I was 17 & scared of what my family would think of me. 

please help no judgement 😟😭

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