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Single mummy, problems with babies dad..

just wondering if anyone has any advice or clue about any of this..

i split up with my little boys dad in January when my little boy was just days old,little one was born very early at 27+6 and had been given 3 days to live, proved them wrong of course!

anyway,i suffered for months at the hands of his dad,mental abuse,he would kick off on the intensive care unit,call me a bad mum,drug deal on the intensive care unit,call me all sorts of names and even threaten our boys life and if he made it he was ’taking him so i couldn‘t ruin his life’ i was there everyday all day with our little boy,tended to all his cares as much as i was allowed,he didn‘t contribute or help with a single thing. Long story short before little one was discharged from hospital i took it to court and he was served with a non-molestation order,preventing him from contacting or coming near me. I feared for my son more than i was bothered about myself because my little boy had been through enough. Anyway,i have had threats recently claiming him and his mother are going to take me court for contact(heard nothing as of yet so wether this is some sort of scare tactic i don’t know) however i am just wondering,i know grandparents have no rights so very rarely get allowed contact anyway(she couldn‘t even take care of herself let alone a poorly baby) she takes sleeping tablets,drinks,is in a violent relationship and recently took 2 overdoses. However,i do have big concerns about dad getting contact(he doesn‘t know how to cope with his other 2 who were born normally with no complications) he takes drugs,sells drugs,is very unpredictable,he is violent(getting his other 2 children to fight) the house where he is is very unclean,he has animals(which won’t help my sons lungs in anyway) him and his family smoke in the house,he was abusive towards me,he is abusive towards animals,he nearly killed his own father(they are always fighting) the area where he lives is full of drug addicts,dealers and no good people,he has threatened mine and my sons life,he has threatened to take him, he tells his other children to call their mum nasty names,he has a vert short fuse and struggles to cope,he has mental health issues,he has a criminal record,he dragged me to the registrary office and forced me to put our son in his name..i could go on and on all day with regards to my concerns. But the main thing i am wondering is,if he has a good chance of getting contact?even supervised? It generally makes my heart race and feel physically sick when i think of him having little one alone. I have spoken to a solicitor who says i’m entitled to fight it all the way if he does ever try for contact. But i was wondering what his chances would be? 

Thankyou in advance 

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