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Split up with my baby's father

Hi everyone, I am new to this.. I just need some advice on how to get through this tough time. I do have friends and family who support me, but to be honest they do not like Mark at all for the way he has treat me previously, so I cannot really talk about the situation. I think people expect me to turn my feelings off instantly but it's one of those things that will take time. Of course I would love to be with him as we were looking for houses and stuff and planning everything and now this has happened it's just devastating to think of and when I'm on my own I just sit and break my heart over him. He told me when I got back from holiday a few weeks ago, things about me were annoying him and that made him realise that he doesn't have the feelings that he should for me and then continued to say that we don't work, at first I was fighting to get him back trying to resolve what was ever bothering him and he just said 'you are crazy, can't deal with your drama, you can't put up with my snoring and move on the sofa so we will never work'. I am not crazy, I think he forgets that I am hormonal.. but I don't think I have done anything wrong. I am 14 weeks pregnant and we have been split up nearly a week but have always been on and off but this time he says it's for good but he will be there for our child. I have lost my appetite but trying to force myself to eat and build my strength for baby but all I can think of is Mark and it's just so hard not seeing him.. has anyone else been in this situation? 


  • Break ups are shit. 

    However Your baby needs you and doesn’t need someone who is going to break up with you for snoring.

    anyway... judging from your post you are probably back together again Now anyway! 

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