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Social, lil ones dad, mental health team and court

Hiya everyone. Sorry for long post. Grab a cuppa before reading on as you'll be exhausted by the time your done reading!!


So back in June this I had a mental breakdown and felt the need for my little girl who is 3 and a half years old to go stay with her dad while I stabilised. Prior to this day I had gone to my mental health team 3 days running while little lady was at nursery and begged and pleaded with my care co ordinator to try and get an earlier outpatients appointment as I'm reviewed every 3 months for my medication. On the 2nd and 3rd time of going in she actually asked me what I wanted her to do.

At this point i already had a pass worker who had an appointment with me on the said 3rd day. I stupidly broke down to her and told her I didn't feel it was fair for my little girl to be around me like this and felt that she was suffering  etc And She Arranged With Her Manager For Her To Go And Stay With Her Dad For A While.


It Was TheN Arranged That As Soon As I Felt Stable Enough A Rehabilitation Plan Would Take Place For Little Miss To Return Home. They Asked For Me To Have Another Mental Assessment In Which My Phyciatrist Said ThIs One And Only Relapse Was Down To Depression Because I Was Attending My Therapy SessionS And Working Through I'm Wanted Emotions And Memory Which Is Normal And Will Pass.I am/was to continue with my meds and therapy. After The Assessment We All Signed A ForM Saying Once I Was Stable The Rehabilitation Plan Would Take Place.

So After 4 Contacts Her Dad Raised An 'Issue' Over Something That Never HappenD And All Contact Was Stopped Except One Phone Call A Week To My Child And That Was It. Ss Called Me About A Week Later Offering Contact In A Contact CeNter Which I Agreed To. 

Ss then Decided To Tell Little Ones Dad To Go To Court For A Child Arrangement OrdeR. Although Every Time I Ask Why She Can't Return Home They SiMply Tell.Me I'm Going Round In Circles Etc. So I Don't Actually No The Reason For Them Wanting Her To Stay With Her Dad Is.

so 4 weeks after ss called me about the contact centre at the last taf meeting he said their was an issue with the centre and that I could have lone contact once a week for an hour, also admitting it was wrong for stopping contact for so long and that something should of been sorted far sooner. I Now See My Little Girl Once A Week For An Hour Only At My Place. This Started Tuesday Gone.

Now The Ss Are Asking If I'm Going To Court To Get Her Back. Which Is Funny Because Originally They Were Telling Her Dad To Go To Court For The Arrangement OrdEr. They seem to have changed their minds as at the last taf meeting last week he said that nw me n little ones dad are on speaking terms we can arrange our own contact etc although dad isnt alowing her home as him and ss are on agreement for some reason  cant no about.

I've Been Bang On My Medication, Going To Therapy Weekly Without Fail, I Have A Full Time Job Now And Am Nearly At Test Level With My Driving Lessons. I'm Doing Far More Than Stable And I Want My Child Home!!  Ive worked out what im doing about childcare and plan to have everything in place before i send the case to court as want to prove im steady and ready to have her back as everything in my life now can work around her. 

I Have A Solicitor So Once Ive Saved The Cash To Go To Court That's What I'm Doing. Although My Solicitor HaS Been Trying To Contact Ss Since The 10th Of August And They Still Refuse To Speak With Her!!!! They refuse to contact the solicitor and now dont want it to go to court although they dont want the child to come home although they cant give me any reason to why.


Anyone Have Any Experience Of This ??? whats been the outcome xx

Dibzy Xz


  • Ok so i dont have experience the same as this but i do have some with social serices and court.

    first thing you need to do is get a copy of all the social reports and assessments you are the parent so you have a right to this. Try phoning them first and if not ask in writing. This is something your soliciter can do also but would charge.

    its really important that you get a copy of these reports so you can read them. As they will outline any concerns they have or any accusations that have been made. Again your solicter can help explain these.

    try to arrange some meetings with the social worker to discuss your conerns and find out what exactly you need to be doing to get her back. Its realy positive you are allowed contact at your house so try to see that as a hood thing and a point to work on.

    if you are getting help with your mental health still ask for letters of support about progress that has been etc. Also discuss this with them as it is no doubt affecting your mental health being away from your daughter.

    you may be entitiled to legal aid. If it is considered a child protection issue you can get a free solicter so do check out inder what terms your daughter was removed from your care.

    all i can say is keep fighting. Try to stay engaged with social workers. Attend meetings and arrange extra ones. Keep working on your mental health and stay positive. Enjoy the contact that you have so your daughter sees you happy. If you keep ticking those boxes you will get her back although be prepared that it may not be full time it could be 50/50 or initally only one night. I would ask to have more contact with your daughter social services should be able to increase it to at least a couple separate hours a week.

    stay strong honestly i went through a custody battle and its horrible but you did the right thing getting help in the first place and you put your daughters needs before your own making sure she was safe and looked after so you should be really proud of that.

    do message me if you need a chat

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