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Single mum needs advice!

I'm new to this but I would love some advice please, I have a seven year old son and allso a ten month old, the issue is with my seven year old son who attends a school that is a hour bus ride away from home it is not my choice he attends this school as there is a good school just around the corner from me, it costs me £30 a week to get him there wich I'm struggling to find, I get no maintenance off my sons dad I have tried, I would love to go back to work but I'm struggling to find anything because by the time I'm home from school drop off it's nearly time to set off to pick him up again, it I worked I could afford to run a car so it's so frustrating, I get no help off my sons dad or grandparents in fact thay make it more difficult for me I'm struggling financially and don't no wear to turn, I have thought about working from home, any advice would be much appreciated 😀 xx


  • You could speak to school admissions and tell them your situation, or maybe for the time being you could ask for some kind of travel pass from the city council, I know they do this for our school. Maybe you could get in touch with the school near by and ask them if they have any places available? Good luck. X

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