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Any advice extremely grateful

just wondered if anyone could give some advice my 2 sons haven’t seen their dad since really little he couldn’t be bothered to much responsibility when there babies etc now at school after police incidents etc terrorising my home their dad ended up taking me to court after 3-4 years of not seeing them after a long year he got the contact order to write to the and after months eventually see them wrote a few times and nothing came of it now after another nearly 2 years his popped up claiming to take me back to court again wanting to see them? I just wanted opinions honest please thankyou 


  • Hi!

    to be honest if he wants to take you to court he can. he may or may not get access. All you can do is turn up and give your side of the story. If he only got contact to write before and has not stick to it he may not get anything else.

    get letters from schools nurserys clubs etc to say you have been the only parent present try and make a list of how it would afffect your children.

    thats all you can do

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