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Does being a single mum get any easier?

Can someone please put my mind at ease, I don't think there is ever a day where I don't think about this...

Does it ever get easy being a single mum? 

Most definitely isn't what I wanted. Ever. But I guess some things don't work outu. My baby's "father" does not want to know at all, even though I have many years to come every day I worry about what my child will think when they know their biological dad isn't around. I can't help but think they'll blame me. 

My first pregnancy and I done it without the father by my side. (He's not really cut out to be a dad anyway, but alls I have ever wanted was a dad for my child) was not apart of the birth either. He has met the baby but no more than twice. He no longer bothers...

It has honestly put me off having any more kids, which I would really want in a few years time, because I worry incase the same will happen again. It worries me also that the whole pregnancy and birth won't be as special as it should be with my new partner aside as I have already experienced the joys of pregnancy and giving birth so it would be nothing new to me. 

Ladies, it would be much appreciated if anyone has been in the same situation and has had some positivity, and the worrying was for nothing that they could share with me, as it is getting me down far too much. 

It would be lovely to hear about your second pregnancy and birth with your new partners bundle, if you have a little one on the way... 

Thankyou x 


  • I been single mom for 3,5 years. Was hard,I cried a lot but in the end met good man,he accepted my son as his own. We are married now and having kid together and I am pregnant now.  
  • I haven't been in your situation but I did get divorced. I had two children with my ex husband and I very much wanted more but felt i could never go through a breakup like that again and as my ex was violent I was also afraid to trust. But I did go on to meet someone else and we have two children together. When you meet the right person and love them having a baby is always special it doesnt matter if its your first or fourth baby. Its wonderful to share and is just as exciting as the first. The key is to make sure you find the right relationship first. I think you have to try not to worry about it. If you meet the right someone you will know the difference from the start. In the meanwhile enjoy your baby. Try not to worry about baby not having a dad, you can do nothing about that and the most important thing is that you love little one. Its better that little one has no dad then one that resents spending time with a child they are forced to see.

    what I can say is everything works out in the end
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