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What Do I need from him?

Its a bit of a long one so please bare with - 
After being with a guy just over 3 months I found out I was pregnant, no fault of our own, it was my pill that failed. We spoke about it, he urged me to get an abortion, told me there was no way I could keep the baby as he wasn't ready, and with me being young he told me it would be irresponsible to keep it. He refused to tell his family at first and ended things with me. He cut off most contact and left me entirely on my own to deal with the situation. 

After I told him I will be keeping the baby he told me he doesn't want to be involved, he told his family who also said they don't want to be involved, he refused to attend any medical appointments with me and has said he never wants to meet his baby. Instead he wants to move on, start dating again, pretend it never happened and refuse to take responsibility for the fact he will be a dad. 

I've come round to the fact he won't support me, however i'm just wondering is there anything I need from him? Any information that i'll require when she's born? 
I plan on cutting off all contact come October when she's born. I don't want to speak to him unless absolutely necessary. Are there any questions I need to ask beforehand? 
With this being my first i'm nervous, and just want everything in place before she comes so that i'm not fighting a loosing battle with him come October. 


  • His contact details for your child maintenance application!
  • Oh this is really sad. What a douche. I guess just ask him if there’s any medical info in his history that could be relevant like childhood illnesses or things that could be passed to your baby. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. 
  • I'm going through a similar situation apart from I have two potential baby daddy's both aren't really cut. But you will need the father's medical history and child maintenance. 
  • Are you in the Uk? If the uk, first look into parental responsibility and decide whether you want him to have it or not. If you don't, don't go for maintanence and dont put him on birth certificate.
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