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Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

As I end the week with a Sunday well spent brings a week of content attitude there’s only good things to come right? This week I spent my time looking after my girl tribe, and staying away from online dating, well apart from the odd flirty message on Snapchat to the guy who’s clearly as board in lockdown as myself. I decided last Sunday after my not so great experience the week before (documented on here somewhere) that I would have a week off looking for my mr right! I mean people always say “the right man will come along when you stop looking..” But this got me thinking, how could this possibly be true? I mean what is he going to do? break in and announce mr right is here! Or tap me on the shoulder while I am in Tesco buying baby milk and say hello, I think not! So bearing all this in mind, mr snapchat had my attention this week, but we have been flirting back and forth for months and I am starting to think this is all it’s ever going to be, a bit of harmless fun with nothing more, no harm in that right? But at the end of the day I am looking for more than this in life, I might be busy with work, my girl tribe and studying for my maths test to meet my conditions for uni at the moment, but hopefully I can squeeze a man into the mix as well, so this week I am ending this wee chat with the hope I might finally grow some balls and ask mr snapchat for a date! What’s the worst that can happen?
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