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Struggling with 2 kids

Hi, I'm a single mum with 2 kiddies, my mum has just been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and I'm really struggling 😔 I'm trying to be the best I can and I'm finding it hard atm

My kids dad has a new partner and they frequently take trips and he can be everything for this girl but absolutely nothing for his kids he won't help me due to his partner feeling uncomfortable with it. 
I'm just here for a bit of a rant really I'm just in such a weird place especially with covid I can't be there for my mum the way I'd like to be 🙈🙈 


  • Hey I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know how it feels when your kids dad is a complete ass. We’re all here to support each other so rant away if it helps get it off your chest! Sending love x
  • Thank you so much, he is a giant ass sadly. My kids love him to bits and he picks them up and drops them when he feels like it
    Sadly his girlfriend is highest on the priority list. So frustrating that you can never make them see your side of it 
  • What a jerk. Kids should always come first x
  • They should but they don't. I'm giving up with it now even simple things like calling them or reaching out through text he won't do and then blames me for it somehow
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