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Chances of eviction?

Hello. Can anyone help. What are my chances of getting evicted? The neighbour who lives above me has been complaining of the noise from my kids (2 year old and 9 month old) I am sick to my stomach with anxiety every day in case I see them. I completely understand noise is annoying but it’s never mega early or late (apart from the baby crying in the night) but it’s day time hours. Yesterday at 6 I was just putting son to bed he was running in the living room. The neighbour thumped on the floor Im I a maisonette so have bedrooms/bathroom upstairs. Neighbour has a flat on top of me. 

Anyway I’m going to get reported to the landlord and office. I can’t afford to move. And if I get evicted I will have no where to go. I was previously a council tenant but had to move here due to space at old place waiting lists were 10 years so made the plunge to come here biggest mistake of my life. I hate it here every day I wake up in fear of a knock at the door. I try my hardest to keep the kids quiet but they just don’t understand. Son is waiting to be assessed for autism so is harder to deal with at the moment due to him being unable to understand or communicate verbally. But if i get evicted I’ll have no where to go. Council won’t help me as once you give up a council home you won’t get another which is fair enough. But I can’t afford to find somewhere else as I don’t have time to save up the amount of deposit etc. I hate living here I’m utterly exhausted due to the stress and fear of being put on the streets with my kids. 

I completely understand it’s annoying hearing kids all day everyday but it’s never early hours unless it’s baby crying. I don’t know how else I can keep them quiet. I avoid going to the loo as much as possible so that we aren’t upstairs making noise. But now I’m terrified to even be downstairs 
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