Topic tidy up? Come and tell us your thoughts

Hello everyone.

We've been having a think about how to make the Chat forum a bit easier for new folks - and regulars - to find their way around.

One of the most obvious things to do seems to be to cut down on all the topics we've got - we've got over 130 of them! That's quite a lot to get your head round.

Some of you have already suggested that we combine some of the more narrow topics into one bigger topic - put all the Weaning at 6 months, Weaning at 7 months, Weaning at 8 months together, for example, in one big Weaning topic, so everyone can help each other, whatever stage of weaning they're at.

Or put all the different birth topics (home birth, C Section etc) into one big Labour & Birth topic.

We also think some of the threads in the Support topics could be moved into other topics quite nicely. After all, BX is all about support - wherever you look; we don't need a special section for it!

There are also some topics at the moment where no one has posted for AGES and it's all a bit tumbleweedy and sad. 

And there are other topics where people are posting new threads about something completely unrelated to the topic header. I've just been moving a whole lot of threads about pregnancy worries out of a topic called Chatroom rules, for example. Not much hope of getting an answer there! But people are obviously confused by all the topics available and just choose somewhere, anywhere...

We think, if we have a little spruce up, though, the Chat forum will look a bit tidier and a lot busier - and people will probably get their posts replied to more quickly.

But what do you think? Do you think this is a good idea? 

Do let us know. After all, it's your site - and our aim is to make it work better for you.image



  • I definitely think its a good idea as there is a lot of posts on here and can be hard to keep up and find certain posts. Also u notice people commenting on posts from 2-3 years ago which are more than likely dead posts x
  • Oh good, AngWass2 - glad you think it's a good idea!

    And yes, yes re people posting on dead threads - we'll have to think of a way to flag the dead threads up a bit better, won't we?

  • Can u not just delete the old threads? Some r ridiculously old! And it gets very annoying! Definitely needs something to spruce things up a bit as u find a lot of posts don't even get responses! X

  • Hi Stacey

    We think the old threads have some value for new mums looking for info, but definitely agree that some sprucing up needs to happen. We think if we make the structure of BX slightly less complicated and reorganise some of the old threads it'll make it a better place for all, hope you agree!


  • sounds like a good idea to me

  • Suppose although some advice is probably dated due to new research and is completely not relevant! And a lot of people won't read through the 200+ comment that have been written over the past 4yrs on a thread! X

  • Thanks SW2.

    And Stacey1986 - you make a good point! But we think if the topics are better organised, it's less likely folks will revive a long-dead thread - because they'll be able to see a newer one more easily. (And, hopefully, as we get busier and easier to use, there'll be lots and lots of lovely new threads!)

    And we're looking at restricting the number of posts/pages threads can have, too. Like you, I think a very long thread (700+ posts) that was started years and years ago is a hard read - and we're probably better off encouraging folk to start a new one.

    Thanks for your comments - it's all good food for thought!

  • Hi yes please to the tidy up, it would be great as there are so many threads to pick your way through.

    Also a suggestion for all - once you strike up a conversation or a friendship with someone else, is it possible for people to move onto messaging each other through their inboxes?  This way we could all keep in contact easier and not feel like we are butting in on conversations!!

    image x

  • Hello again everyone. Just wanted to let you know that we have taken all your suggestions on board and will be starting to do some tidying up over the next few days.

    Hopefully, things should start to look cleaner and simpler soon.

    If you have any comments, suggestions, moans, groans or gasps of delight (always hopeful of that one!), do please post them here and we'll make sure we reply pronto. image

  • Hello everyone I'm a newbie here,WOULD love to get some help and suggestion I've been TTC for 2 yrs now  and just discovered what may be the problem and started to pay more attention to my symptoms and BBT as well,I was calculating ovulation day as if I had  a 28 day cycle but just discovered I only have a 23 day cycle after manually checking my last 2 previous cycles it ended up being 23 days apart  so hopefully with this shot now and  my exact cycle I'll be able to conceive soon,I've been using several apps  to predict Ovd  and BBT as well , and so far its been same day as the app and bbt , My last AF was 09/04/14 I ovulated by 09/15/14 CD12 ,my first symptom started 5DPO with a pulling/cramp on my left ovary or pelvic area cant tell and than through out the day I was having AF like cramps kept going to the bathroom thinking it arrived and was just wet sorry tmi. 6DPO small pressure down my pelvic area but nothing big actually I would forget I even had it, and today 7dpo I have no symptoms what so ever....could this be a good sign?image, I don't want to test until I'm atleast 3 days late on my AFimage 

  • Hello mrsfuturemommy2bee - and welcome to BX!

    We're afraid you've posted in a thread about tidying up the forum topics (easily done!), so it's possible that not many people will see it.

    Could we suggest your repost it in the Trying for a baby topic? Just click on one of the Start a new thread buttons and take it from there.

    Do shout if you have any problems doing that (we won't mind helping you one bit) and here's hoping you get lots of replies!

  • Can i suggest ♥

    It is a good idea to tidy up because some dont care to answers many questions or just give a hint on whats on the thread they dont bother in short,

    Is it also possible to save the useful ones? If not its also fine,as for me i already saved the helpful ideas and stories lolz, sorry im just a little paranoid so im collecting ideas and stories that can help me♥

    One more thing im enjoying posting and responding to all, it just a matter of ideas or a little encouragement for those who are in need, although i need some too, thank you for this siite i so love it ♥

    Baby dust to all♥and wishing you all good health same with your babies♥

  • Thanks Claire 10. We're glad you're enjoying BX image


  • ♥your very much welcome♥

  • Evening all. Am just popping by with an update on this.

    You may have noticed that we've been tidying up a bit - and some topics (mainly those in the Archive) have now been removed.

    We have also been moving threads that were languishing in the wrong topic to a topic where they'd fit better and be seen by more people.

    The next thing we plan to do is merge some topics together to make Chat a bit easier to find your way around.

    This is the plan...

    * All the threads in the Weaning section (currently lots of different topics about different ages of weaning babies) will move to a single Weaning topic inside the Baby section. So all the weaning threads are together in one place.

    * Planning a baby and Trying for a baby will merge into one Trying for a baby topic.

    * C-sections and VBAC, Traumatic birth, Premature birth and Home birth will all slot into one single Labour & Birth topic.

    * Pregnancy after infertility and Pregnancy after ectopic will slot into Pregnancy. We've moved any obviously TTC threads from here into Trying for a baby already.

    * Reusable nappies will merge into Baby

    * Breastfeeding chat and Bottlefeeding chat will merge into one Breast and bottle feeding topic

    * Support will be called Relationships. So folks know they can get support for other issues, like TTC or Sleep in other topics.

    * Mums in touch, Young mums, Full-time mums and Large families will merge into General chat.

    * Working mums will merge into a new Childcare and going back to work topic.

    * Introduce yourself will merge into General chat.

    We hope you think this all sounds sensible.

    We had a good long think before deciding all this, and based it mainly on your suggestions and on which topics were currently most active and which were really not very active any more at all.

    Do let us know what you think!



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